Go Gems – Trusted designer diamond jewellery brand launches its e-commerce platform

Go Gem was founded out of a love for jewellery and a desire to provide women all over the world with designer diamond jewellery. Go Gems has established a new brand and a responsive e-commerce site called Go Gems is a modern jewellery business situated in Hyderabad, Karnataka. It has a 50-year history and has established itself as a trusted and prominent name in the gold, silver, and diamond jewellery industry. offers adaptable, high-quality luxury to ladies throughout the world with a feeling of glamour and whimsical elegance.

With the ease of searching and shopping online Go Gems have discovered a novel way to reach wider public and has grown to become a leading brand in the jewellery industry, and their ambition to reach a wider audience drove them to launch the business online with No doubt, the jewellery Industry is becoming a pioneer in adopting new technological solutions for ecommerce.

Why chose

Go Gems’ mission is to present you with the most comprehensive collection of DESIGNER DIAMOND JEWELLERY for every occasion. Go Gems not only sells diamond jewellery, but also provides an unrivalled superb diamond jewellery buying experience right at your fingertips! The goal of is to bring their art to the world’s attention. They transmit value, which sets them apart from the crowd. Their pricing strategy takes into account not only the cost of materials and labour, but also the types of materials they use, their own design process, artistic aptitude, and creativity.

What’s new in

After venturing into the online ecosystem has made shopping for jewellery more exciting and rewarding and new jewellery collections have been produced specifically to cater to the interests of online shoppers, as well as the convenience and security of shopping online. Go Gems assures that all transactions on the site are secure and easy for clients. To do this, the organisation adheres to strict transparency regulations throughout the entire consumer purchasing process.

What products does offers for shopping?

Designer diamond jewellery, such as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, mangalsutra and nose pins, is available at Go Gems with excellent craftsmanship. For added convenience, they offer 7-day easy returns, free delivery, BIS Hallmark, 100 percent certified diamond jewellery, lifetime exchange, best and transparent prices, and unique designs to each and every customer.

What speciality does hold?

When it comes to diamonds, they are committed to excellence. Their proprietary Transparent Diamond Pricing tool breaks down the costs associated with obtaining the gems so you know exactly what you’re paying for. The cost of purchasing the diamond is included in the Transparent Diamond Pricing feature. Go Gems, a successful jewellery brand that focuses on innovation, customer pleasure, and transparency responds to today’s consumers’ rising desire to find, explore, buy, and learn more about their exquisite diamond jewellery.

How safe is the delivery of

To ensure safety while delivery the products are packaged with added care of bubble wrap to ensure that there is no damage to the jewellery. Till date, the customers never complained of any delivery mishap by far.

Having an internet presence for a jewellery business is undeniably smart, and Go Gems realised that it is the safest and most efficient approach to reach customers in this context. Beyond the practical factors of safety and efficiency, has provided a road for consumers to discover unique jewellery products that they would not have found anywhere else on the planet.

The resilience and dedication of have obtained a certain level of success and it’s their persistence and perseverance that helped them rise from the pack and build themselves an amazing brand following an elaborate process and making each piece truly unique. Go Gems provides the jewellery with creative touches, explore the collections and never miss the one-of-a-kind selection for 100% uniqueness. Go Gems aims to be the go-to brand for diamond jewellery in India.

Claim to Fame – Go Gems

Go Gems sells diamonds that have been inspected and certified, hallmarking of gold confirms that the diamond jewellery you are receiving is 100% having the same purity as Indian BIS standards & Hallmarking is done by govt of India BIS (Govt. of India) and is 100% reliable.

All our diamond jewellery products are certified by internationally renowned diamond certifying labs. you can be guaranteed of the quality of products that you buy from us online. This certificate ensures that you receive the true value that it deserves.

They guarantee their customers a guaranteed buyback on any gold and diamond jewellery sold at the highest possible price. They are dedicated to providing complete client certification for the products sold on They leave no stone unturned in providing top-notch, one-of-a-kind jewellery to their consumers, but if they are displeased with the goods, they may take advantage of their 7-day refund policy and return the item.

GOGEMS OFFERS to all online customers as an inaugural offer





GOGEMS provides video AR platform with AI technology to all his online clients in GOGEMS.IN, to provide delightful experience to call customers by allowing them TRY jewellery digitally using LAPTOPS, TABLETS & MOBILES.

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